How is the programme delivered?

Online hybrid delivery

The course and learning materials for the MEM degree are developed from the ground up to be delivered in an online, hybrid mode. This is being done in conjunction with University’s Hybrid Learning Group, supported by a grant that the University has made available specifically for the new MEM degree.

Each academic year is divided into two semesters, with two modules per semester. Every module’s lectures, group sessions and webinars are conducted during a 15-week period in the semester. One of the two modules’ commencement is delayed by a week to provide a better workload distribution for students.

The learning interactions for every module include the following modes:

  • Weekly pre-recorded (or live) lectures, accessed online at a time convenient for the student.
  • Readings related to the lecture, available online.
  • A number of online group sessions with other students, where each group will consider case studies addressing issues which were covered in the preceding lectures and readings. The group’s submission will contribute to the grade.
  • Online webinars where students will engage with lecturers and other students in live (synchronous) sessions to interactively discuss the work and resolve any issues.
  • The final assessment of each module will be an individual comprehensive assignment which integrates the topics covered in the module. The assignment will be due some weeks after the conclusion of the lectures.