What will I learn and what are the benefits for me and my employer?

The Stellenbosch MEM is designed to equip early to mid-career engineers and scientists with the management skills they require now, including general management, engineering management, technology and innovation management, project management, strategic management and the management of people and places, as well as advanced quantitative skills. It is a force multiplier that enhances engineering and scientific skills and knowledge to prepare the MEM graduate to add value to the attainment of the company’s vision and strategy, business goals and development of its products and markets within a rapidly changing external environment. The degree is industry-relevant and focused on exposing students to the application of modern engineering management practices to address real-world challenges and opportunities.

The MEM curriculum is future-oriented aiming to develop leaders who will proactively contribute towards shaping a better new future rather than merely reacting to a world dictated by others. These are the people who will create the new technologies, industries, jobs and prosperity of tomorrow. This can only be done by continuously creating new knowledge and value. An essential element of the learning experience is the cultivation of a lifelong learning mindset, which will ensure that you remain relevant and competitive.


For the employer:

Employers are important partners in the student’s MEM experience. They will benefit significantly from graduates who have developed a range of engineering management capabilities and are ready to apply them in and add value to the company. Students are encouraged to select the topic of the mini-thesis to address a problem or opportunity that is relevant to their employer. Supporting a MEM student with time to study and perhaps financial assistance is a smart investment in the acquisition, development and retention of human capital that will bring unbounded returns.